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Barrington Teeth Whitening

If you feel self-conscious about stains or discoloration affecting the appearance of your smile, visit us at the Barrington Dental Wellness Center to find out if you’re a candidate for a Barrington teeth whitening procedure. Professional teeth whitening can transform a lackluster smile into the dazzling set of pearly whites you desire. Our team personalizes treatment for your comfort and convenience and is committed to delivering the quality aesthetic results you envision.

Barrington Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment; in fact, studies show that 90% of patients are talking to their dentists about whitening their smiles. Perhaps you have tried an over-the-counter teeth whitening product, but still feel dissatisfied with the results. Professional Barrington teeth whitening delivers a higher concentration of whitening components, under the supervision of an experienced dentist, for the fastest, safest, and most effective results. With a teeth whitening procedure we can erase stains caused by exposure to highly pigmented foods and beverages, as well as tobacco use, and can reverse age-related tooth discoloration to give your smile back its youthful sparkle. For your convenience, we offer two exceptional options for whitening your teeth; you can choose in-office treatment or our customized take-home kit. In-office teeth whitening delivers the fastest results, lightening your smile by up to several shades in just one short visit. If you prefer to whiten your smile in the comfort of your own home, our dentist will prescribe an easy-to-use, personalized home whitening system. The home whitening system delivers more gradual aesthetically pleasing results or can be used to perfect and maintain the brightness of your smile following in-office treatment.

Barrington teeth whitening can help you feel more confident in your smile. At the Barrington Dental Wellness Center, we can improve your self-image and outlook on life with state-of-the-art cosmetic care. To learn more about teeth whitening treatment or any of our other cosmetic services, call today.

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